How Can Modafinil Help Me

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder and you’re asking yourself ‘can Modafinil help me?’ certainly, yes. Modafinil can help you. Read more about it here.

How Can Modafinil Help Me – A Personal Testimony

I was once suffering from a sleep disorder too. I was suffering from Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) and it was really a pain in the neck. I remember waking up in the morning and grudging about waking up at all because I am ridiculously still sleepy. But then, I needed to go to work, so I went on with my daily preparation for work. When I arrived in our office, I was barely awake. My head’s usually dropping and I sometimes bump my head on my desk because I fell asleep. That wasn’t surprising at all because that is my usual routine at work if you may call it. Then whenever I am at home and trying to sleep, alas, I am not sleepy at all.
So on and on it goes, and when I finally heard my wake up call to go to the doctor and have me checked, (the wake up call was my boss telling me I can really get fired already because of my condition, you know, employee efficiency and all that) I found out that EDS was just a symptom and my true condition was Narcolepsy.
Narcolepsy is a extreme feeling of sleepiness whenever you’re in a very relaxing condition. So you can imagine my condition to be worse. My doctor advised me to take Modafinil. I abruptly asked how can Modafinil help me? Of course, I would want to know whatever it is that I will swallow, right? So there. I knew that Modafinil is a drug that keeps you awake, hence, eradicates the symptoms of Narcolepsy. It is a drug that controls your wakefulness and sleepiness.

Can Modafinil Help Me If I Want to be Productive?

Yes. Now I am cured of Narcolepsy, but I still use Modafinil to keep me productive and enhance my concentration and memory, as the drug also does that.
There is a study that proved the use of Modafinil as a memory enhancer, even for students. It is not cheating if you take Modafinil. It is just a boost, like an athlete drinking an energy boost or a person drinking a paracetamol to cure headaches.

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